Have you been bullied before?

Strawberry generation

I remembered vaguely the incident when some upper primary kids demanded me to hand over my pocket money. I obliged dutifully and did not tell my parents about it.

Thankfully; I’ve mates looking after me and the bullying incident did not affect my growing up years.

I watched 15 seconds of this bullying clip and read that there is an adjunct teacher in the class when it happened. What?

Bullying can occur anywhere but with a teacher in class, Shuqun Secondary School should really investigate and determine why and how this bullying occurred. Was the teacher aware of this?

The school owes the parents of the victim a proper answer.

Next, don’t cane the bully. Caning or public caning is so 1990s. Further, teenagers are marshmallows these days, they can’t be caned easily otherwise the complains will start flowing.

Instead, humiliate the bully. The bully needs to be publicly humiliated. Make the bully wash toilets, wipe canteen tables with a tag pasted on him front and back – ‘I should not bully’. Or give the bully a hat of shame with the same tagline.

Thirdly, force the parents/guardians with the bully to appear in school together. They can go for counseling first and be shamed together later doing chores like I mentioned above. Parents should take responsibilities of their children.

All in all, this seems to be an act of mischief and not malicious. I hope the victim can stand up and learn how to defend himself.

We cannot eradicate bullying but we can teach on how to fight against it.

Jamie – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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