GE 2015 Recap: ESM’s Antics Part 2 and ‘Is he a liability’?

ESM began his ship analogy on 06 Sep 2015, telling Singaporeans that PAP is a cruise ship with definite destination and trusting opposition is like boarding a gambling ship.

Strawberry generation
The next morning, WP’s chief replied with his ‘Titanic’ comment.

Strawberry generation

Later that day, ESM Goh Chok Tong had his own version of Titanic.

Strawberry generation

The ship analogy was also used by WP in their rally.

Strawberry generation

Low Thia Khiang mentioned that PAP are on luxury cruise ships while Singaporeans are still on sampans. Woah …..

Strawberry generation

A pity ESM did not carry on the game. I thought he could have mention pirate ships, that would be fun.

Playing with the minds of opposition is not something new. This started back in Jeyaretnam’s time.

When Jeyaretnam was contesting in Anson, Mr Chaim See Tong was aiding Jeyaratnam in the campaigning.

ESM turned the tables around and mentioned that Chiam’s SDP has successfully trapped Jeyaratnam in contesting in Anson and there was no chance for Jeyaratnam to win. Background – there were rumors at that time that Chiam’s SDP will be contesting in Anson instead of Jeyaratnam’s WP. 

This leads us to our next thought. Is the strategy of publicly dissing the opposition the right approach?

ESM also openly challenged WP to try and win Marine Parade from him.

Would such old school tactics go well with the new age voters? We gathered from voters that ESM was being too arrogant and they might not vote for his team.

Only someone of ESM’s stature can pull it off.

ESM’s antics part 2 = heart attack 2 for his MP GRC team mates.

So, is he a liability or an asset? The next GE will tells us more.

Joe – Rise of The Strawberry Generation (RTSN)

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